Skin care clinics in nairobi

Skin care clinics Nairobi

Skin care clinics Nairobi

Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin, nails, hair and its diseases. A dermatologist treats diseases, in the widest sense, and some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.
Dermatology Clinic offers a wide range of treatments for patients with skin problems, including the following conditions: acne, autoimmune and connective tissue disease, HIV-related skin disorders, mole, atpyical nevus, melanoma surveillance, disorders of cornification, pigmented disorders, environmental dermatitis, roscea, hair and nail disorders, wound and ulcer care and human papillomavirus (HPV).

List of Dermatology Clinics in Nairobi

Skin care clinics Nairobi
Skin care clinics Nairobi

1.Allure Laser Skin and Aesthetic Medicine Centre
City Mall Clinic: Tel: 0722 315 315, 0739 315 000.
Nakumatt Cinemax Clinic: 0720 153 153 , 0733 153 000.

2.Keridam Skin Clinic & Medical Centre
Keridam skin clinic and medical centre offers solutions to all skin diseases and other medical conditions.
Located at Norwich Union Mall,
opposite Hilton hotel,they do offer services such as:

  • medical dermatology
  • Hair transplant
  • Weight loss & body contouring
  • Laser treatment

Contact Information
Working Hours
Phone: + 254(0) 702 952154
Phone: + 254(0) 20 510 3316

3.Avané Dermatology Clinic
They offer services such as:

Medical Dermatology
Surgical Dermatology
Skin Cancer Checks
Laser Non Surgical Face Lift
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Varicose Vein Treatment
Laser Treatment for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Hypo Pigmentation
Laser Treatment for Freckles
Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks
Laser Birthmark Removal
Facial Contouring
Chin / Cheek / Nose / Neck Reshaping
Lip Enhancement

Contact information
Yaya Center 4th Floor
Nairobi, Nairobi 00100
Tel: 0715691144
Mombasa Office
Nyali Center 2nd Floor
Mombasa , Kenya
Tel: 0734444232

4.Divine Skincare Clinic
101 Manyani Road East, Lavington
Nairobi, Kenya
Divine Skincare
Call 0735 901029

5.Valentis Clinic

+254 725 045 705
Suite 6B – Grosvenor Suite 14 Riverside Nairobi, Kenya.
6.First Laser Skin Centre
7.Skin Kenya
M.P. Shah Hospital – Doctors Plaza 2nd Floor Rm 5
+254 715 691144
Monday to Saturday 9am -12pm

Yaya Centre 4th floor Rm:3 Arwings Kodhek Rd Hurlingham
+254 715 691144
Monday to Saturday 3pm – 5pm Skin care clinics Nairobi

7.Happy Skin
2nd Floor, Suite 203 Fairbank Arcade, Mai Mahiu road off Langata Road
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0728 873583

8.Dr Abda Khan
3746225, 3747426, 0720 861094, 0733 570785
Skin care clinics Nairobi

9.Private Hospitals
You can get skincare services and also see a dermatologist in most of Private Hospitals in Nairobi

10.KNH Doctors Plaza
You can get skincare services and also see a dermatologist at KNH Doctors Plaza

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List of dermatologists in Kenya

Dermatologists Kenya

Dermatologists Kenya.A dermatologist has a medical degree and four years of specialist training.Dermatologists are initially trained as doctors, undertaking six or more years of university study to gain their medical degree.There are various skincare clinics in Nairobi

Dermatologists KenyaList of dermatologists in Kenya

• Dr. Mwangi Irungu
Located: Irungu Mwangi & Associates at Caledonian House along Kenyatta way, in Nyeri.
Address: P.O B.O.X 12475, Nyeri 10100
Telephone: 061-2030235
• Dr. Pancholi Mahendra
Located at First Laser Skin Centre, Pandya Memorial Hospital, Dedan Kimathi Road.
Address: P.O B.O.X 83911-80100, Mombasa
Telephone: 041-2221984

0720600248, 0733 600 248
Dr. Kotak Lalit
Located: Palm Beach Hospital, along Ukunda Diani road,
Address: P.O B.O.X 5162, Diani
Telephone: 0724-699101,
• Dr. Ochola Charles
Located: Chador skin unit, Chekmula Building in Kisumu
Address: P.O B.O.X 9008-4001, Kisumu
Telephone: 020-2023750
• Dr. Thuo J.K
Located: Jogoo Building, Stadium Road
Address: P.O B.O.X 1160-01000, Thika
Telephone: 067-22440
• Dr. waweru Hosea
Located: Upper Hill Medical Centre, 5th Floor R, Ralph Bunche Road
Address: P.O B.O.X 45751-00100, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-340585
• Dr. Wanyika H.W
Located: NHIF Building 2nd Floor, Upperhill
Address: P.O B.O.X 406-00202, Nairobi
Telephone: 0721497444
• Dr. Saroya Shaftique Mohammed
Located: has an office along Keerok Road
Address: P.O B.O.X 64207-00620, Nairobi.
Telephone: 0722698026
• Dr. Owili Dundu
Located: Aga Khan University Hospital, Doctors’ Plaza, 2nd Floor, room 222, 3rd Parklands Avenue.
Address: P.O B.O.X 63355-00619, Nairobi
Telephone: 0722527871
• Dr. Bansil Saroop Singh
Located: Laser & Aesthetic Centre Upper Hill Medical Centre, 4th Floor suite, 4F Ralph Bunche road.
Address: P.O B.O.X 48101-00100, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2720147
• Dr. Josiah Gakuru
Located: Scripture Union Building, 2nd Floor Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham.
Address: P.O B.O.X 19921-00202
Telephone: 0722874303
• Dr. Imalingat Wairimu
Located: Prof. Nelson Awori Centre, 2nd Floor, A1 Ralph Bunche Road
Address: P.O B.O.X 60110-00200, Nairobi
Telephone: 0713168580
• Dr. E.N Kamuri
Located: Kenyatta National Hospital Doctors Plaza, Suite No. 23 Nairobi, Suite 105/107 4th Floor
Address: P.O B.O.X 2065-00202, Nairobi
Telephone: 0722955526
• Dr. B.K Kariuki
Located: MB.CH.B D.D.V. DV, F.A.M.S Indersing 1st Floor Kenyatta Avenue next to Family Bank
Address: P.O B.O.X 12418-20100, Nakuru
Telephone: 072175048
• Dr. Abda F Khan
Located: 3rd Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands
Address: P.O B.O.X 1205-00600, Nairobi
Telephone: 0733570785
• Dr. Samson Kiprono
Located: Optimum Skin Care Grand Pri-Eldoret Medical Specialist Centre Nandi Road
Address: P.O B.O.X 5678-30100, Eldoret
Telephone: 0722521673
• Dr. JM Maimba
Located: Kenyatta National Hospital Suite 5, Upperhill Medical Centre, Suite 5A,5th Floor
Address: P.O B.O.X 54954-00200, Nairobi
Telephone: 0733820830
• Dr. Grace CW Maina
Located: Halton Laboratory Services Uchumi House, 9th Floor Aga Khan Walk
Address: P.O B.O.X 79063-00400, Nairobi
Telephone: 0722210586
• Dr. Kahindo Maina
Located: Enkei Centre, 3rd Floor Room 302, Ngara
Address: P.O B.O.X 72235-00200, Nairobi
Telephone: 0771479910

Dermatologists Kenya
• Dr. Ramadhan Mawenzi
Located: Upendo Dermatology Clinic Shiv Plaza, 1st Floor, room 2
Address: P.O B.O.X 14527-20100, Nakuru
Telephone: 0722285305
• Dr. Melanie Miyanji
Located: Aga Khan Univeristy Hospital, Doctors’ Plaza 1st Floor
Address: P.O B.O.X 20714-00202, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-3749858
• Dr. Eliud Andati Monda
Located: International Skin & Medical Clinic Afya Centre, 1st Floor, Tom Mboya Street
Address: P.O B.O.X 16611-00620, Nairobi
Telephone: 0722277352
Email:   . Dermatologists Kenya
• Dr. Titus Mbaluka Munyao
Located: Reinsurance Plaza 1st Floor Department of Medicine, University of Nairobi.
Address: P.O B.O.X 19676-00202, Nairobi
Telephone: 0733718880. Dermatologists Kenya

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