Kijabe Hospital

kijabe hospital

It was established in 1915 as an outpatient clinic. It was located at the
grounds of the Rift Valley Academy it was known as the Theodora hospital
and it was renamed to AIC Kijabe. The hospital will celebrate its 101 year
come May 2017. It is a religious based hospital whose sponsors are the
African Inland Church of Kenya. It is a level five referral hospital and it
is only one hour drive away from Nairobi.


The mission of AIC Kijabe is to glorify God through compassionate health
care provision, training and spiritual ministry in Christ Jesus.


To be a leader in the provision of excellent health care in sub-Saharan
Africa, to God’s glory.

Core values

– Integrity: A state of uprightness in character and attitude that
reflect the life of Jesus Christ.
– Excellence: Doing all the work by upholding high standards and as if
we are doing it for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
– Compassion: Reflecting the unity of the body of Jesus Christ as we
pursue our vision and mission.
– Team work: Reflecting the unity of the body of Jesus Christ as pursue
our vision and mission.
– Continuous improvement: Constantly and consistently desiring progress
and striving to become at work and professionally.


The hospital is located along the Nairobi Nakuru highway. The hospital it
is the largest among the hospitals funded by AIC church. AIC Kijabe has a
bed capacity of 363. It has 9 surgery rooms, dental, pathology unit,
HIV/AIDS unit and intensive care unit. It also has other 45 dispensaries
which are well distributed in Kenya. AIC Kijabe hospital has two HIV/AIDS
satellite clinics, one in Naivasha and Marira.

AIC Kijabe has about 800 staff. Among those staffs there are 50% Kenyan
staffs and the other half is missionaries. Through the missionaries
offering their help it has led to the reduction of the hospital bills. This
in turn has helped some patients to seek medical attention in the hospital.

Surgical services

– Pediatric Surgery
– General surgery
– Orthopedic surgery
– Pediatric Neurosurgery
– Ear, Nose, Throat
– Plastics
– Ophthalmology

Private clinics

AIC Kijabe hospital has a private consultation practice within the
hospital’s complex. There is a family consultant who is available every
single day from 0835hrs to 1700hrs. The family practice is available for
the routine checkup and emergency appointments. The clinics are held in
the palliative care building. The following a week schedule of the clinics
that are available:

– Monday 1000hrs-1300hrs the surgery clinic is available.
– Tuesday 0900hrs to 1200hrs the orthopedic clinic is available
– Wednesday none
– Thursday 1000hrs to 1230hrs the general surgery clinic is available
and the breast surgery clinic is available from 1100hrs to 1300hrs.
– Friday 0900hrs to 1400hrs the obstetrics and gynecology clinic is
available and the pediatric clinic is open from 1400hrs to 1500hrs.

If you would like to book an appointment you can reach them through
0712502968 or via email


In 1968 the AIC Kijabe built a building which would be a school where
students could enroll and do nursing. The construction of the building
helped in AIC Kijabe meeting the requirements that had been stipulated by
the government. In 1980 the Kijabe Nursing School was registered with the
Nursing Council of Kenya. In the same year it when the training of nurses
officially begun and the laboratory training of nurses started in 1970.

In 2014 Kijabe nursing school officially carrying out the clinical
medicine. While in 2015 the nursing school started offering peri-operative
classes. In 2015 and 2016 academic year the first student who would take
scrub tech training were enrolled.


– AIC Kijabe P.O B.O.X 20-00220 Kijabe
– Tel +254712056
– Fax 0203246355
– Email

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